Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A longgggg time between post's lots happening

My poor neglected blog...time just seems to get away from you and it's one of those things that you seem to keep putting off..

So much has been happening..birthdays..end of school...Christmas ...New Year...more birthdays...Scrapping...

Olivia has turned 10 they defiantly grow up to quick her birthday seemed to be a NEVER ENDING one we had Craig's family over on the Friday night it's the first birthday they have ever been to (up until 3 months ago we had not seen them in over 12 years) it's horrible to think that a death had to bring this family back together his step father died of CJD and his mum has terminal spine cancer...Olivia is very excited at the idea of having cousins Amy is only 1.5 years older than her

Celebrating Olivia's 10th birthday with his family

The giant cupcake I made with a Kut It Out cake topper thanks Karen

Craig playing Wii Just Dance with Olivia and Jarrod

We got Olivia Wii Just Dance as part of her birthday pressie OMG so much fun I even love doing provided many laughs on her birthday night especially when Craig started doing it.

I made a hude cupcake and a cupcake tree for her birthday the little cupcakes for Friday night and the HUGE cupcake for the Saturday night..we had mum and dad come per usual she was very spoilt...

The following weekend we had her party at Casey Race OMG what fun that was the kids all had a great time..We had another cupcake tree this tame made by the FANTASTIC Karen and her awesome cake topper (Kut It Out) We also had Craig's work breakup on the morning of her party it was a Carnival theme so it had showbags, thrill rides etc and we had a yummy spit roast.

Olivia with one of her closest friends Kaitlyn

Olivia with all her friends at her party

We went into the city for our annual Christmas Trip Myers Windows...Huge Christmas Tree etc we all loved the windows so beautiful we had a perfect summers day so it was really nice walking around in the city...

Me with Santa

Olivia finished Grade 4 I can't believe she is in Grade 5 next year and Riley will be starting preps my little boy will be gone even though he shits me at times and gets into lots of mischief it will be strange without him.. I was disappointed with Riley's Kinder they had NO Christmas concert and poor Olivia had her carols cancelled twice due to Melbourne's bad weather.

Olivia at her school Christmas Carols

Christmas was at my house this year I loveeee doing Christmas this year I had ALL our FAMILY mum and dad for lunch (hot roast Turkey, ham, roast vegie's ) and in the nightime Kirk and Penny came along with Craig's family along with mum and dad as well. Craig got his NEW motorbike for Christmas Jarrod his nephew couldn't wait to sit on it..We also went to our Traditional Santa photo's in Cranbourne have been doing it for the last 3 years

Christmas is not complete without mum's homemade plum pudding

Olivia with her stereo from Santa

Christmas lunch

Riley with his new ds drom santa

Craig's nephew Jarrod getting on Craig's new toy

Me with our dog Charlie

NYE was spent at the Perry's what a night I will NEVER look at cocktails the same way again as per usual I jumped into the pool fully clothed much to all the kids delight they kept nagging about when was I going to jump in...we had the best night with the most awesome friends

It's a tradition of mine jumping in a pool fully clothed

The awesome foursome we have had many fun times

We are still in the middle of school holidays we have been to Casey Fields Adventure Park a few times the kids love it there.....also had a day trip to The Enchanted Maze this place was amazing especially the tube slide the kids had a ball..

The Perry children , Kaitlyn (Olivia's friend) and my 2 children

Craig Olivia and Riley going down the tube slide.

Connor, Riley and me on the tube slides

I have been doing a challenge that one of the teachers from Olivia's school set up on facebook 100k Challenge you had to walk/run 100k's from Dec 20th until 1st Feb I am now currently sitting on 105.45k's I have loved doing every minute of it...and now Zumba has started up for the NEW Year

Above Karen, Jacqui, Di (Zumba teacher) Me and Elana we did Zumba 2 times a week last year this year we are going 3 times we love it so much...

I have been doing lots of scrapping for Bumble Bee Crafts (who unfortuatly were flooded in the QLD Floods)

I am also in the middle of doing my Days of December album that seems to be dragging on hopefully it will be finished with the next week or so.. I will be back with more layouts cards etc in the next post will only show a few today...You can also visit the Bumble Bee Crafts Blog.

Next weekend 5th Feb we are going to a Chinese New Year at a Berwick resturant the night has lots of entertainment

On Feb 12th I'm off on my Girly Weekend a full weekend of shopping, eating, seeing Motherhood the Musical, more shopping and the best thing is the awesome company.

On the 19th of march we are off to a wedding my brother is getting married at Duart Homested in Maffra looking forward to getting dolled up to watch there special day.

On a sad note my cousin died on the 9th of January in her sleep she was 38 years old she left behind her little boy Timothy who is now living with her sister mum made the trip over to Perth to be with her family....My heart go's out to my Auntie Cathy, Uncle Dave, Diana and Stephanie

Well I think that's blog overload will be back more often (fingers crossed).


Carol said...

So glad to see you back....
Have missed seeing ALL your gorgeous creations....

cindy couacaud said...

Thanks heaps Carol...Have been pretty slack with my blog will have more in the next few days


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