Thursday, July 30, 2009

Favorite Pic from the SNOW

We went for a family trip to the snow last Sunday Mt Baw Baw was stunning perfect weather and we had heaps of fun we were at the snow for 6 hours and that went so quickly. will leave you with a couple of pics will be back later with more..Can't wait to scrap these

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

August 7th Class

I am holding another class next Friday 7th and it's time to get back to basics making our own embellishments using our stash we all have one of those at home you will be amazed at what I have created out of everyday items found around the house. If you are interested contact me at

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lots Happening

I have been flat out the last couple of days. Last week I decided to do some changes to my classes and focus more on creating rather than displaying products and making them look's time to get back to basics and pull out the paints, make our own embellishments and concentrate on journalling and most importantly use up our stash..I will post some samples in the next couple of days.

Last weekend was a HUGE one on the Saturday Jenni and I went into the exhibition centre to help our friends Nic and Suz from Budget Scrapbooking there stall was flat out so many great bargins and the kits were walking out the door. Nic was a BAD influence on Jen and I we had to get our FAKE pandora bracelets OMG I love the after a long day with the girls I got home after 9.00 at night.

Sunday we went for a family trip to Mt Baw Baw it was a fantastic day the sun was out (which made it hard to take photo's to much sun glare) perfect weather the kids had a ball and so did Craig and I will post pics later.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Me trying to do something Fancy (didn't work out)

Jen playing with the boys

Yay she can do it

me trying to help Olivia

Olivia falling off

Jen striking a pose!

Step 1 Trying to push Kelsey doing the apple cart

Step 2 lost balance about to CRASH

Step 3 We have crashed and could not stop laughing

For those of you that know Nic she want to be a roller derby girl unfortunately she couldn't come to our skating day out but Jen and I do do some moves for her. It was such a fun day I think everyone had a good laugh at me but I loved it had a fantastic day even though I was bruised and battered and thanks to Suz it was caught on camera.. So Nic after you see these pictures you will defiantly see we are no ROLLER DERBY CHIC'S...
I have a class this Friday if you are interested contact me at some exciting classes coming up with a twist on something old....

Also if you are at the Craft and Quilt Fair Jen and I will be there helping Nic and Suz on there Budget Scrapbooking Stall F26 is there number you will not be disappointed with what they have to sell and OMG there Kits ROCK it's amazing what they have created...
Be back soon!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Sneak peak of a special project

I loved doing this Layout it uses Hambly Brick transparency with lots of masking, inking, paint splattering, stamping and glimmer mist

One of my class samples

Riley playing Olivia's DS with Charlie he is having his big operation next week a Hernia and desexing

These photos were taken at the Cheese Factory in Berwick

WOW it's been awhile since posts I have lots to catch up on....It's school holidays here in Melbourne and that means I have two kids home fighting and bickering between each other. We haven't done alot these holidays in the first week I took Olivia and 3 friends to see the Hannah Montana movie I have to admit it was o.k. The girls loved it and were singing along..On the Saturday night I had a trash and treasure crop there were lots of people grabbing lots of bargains and of course eating and scrapping..On the scrapping front I in the middle of doing lots of things for Bumble Bee Crafts scrapping and doing there blog, there is another comp on there so head over and check it out another major comp will be announced in the next couple of weeks. I have also been selected to do an article for Scrapbook Creations called Who's Who of scrapping so I am in the middle of finishing of the projects required for the article.In the 2nd week of the school holidays we went roller skating there were about 20 of us there and Nic wanted a bit of Roller Derby well after falling trying to do the apple cart with kelsey and badly bruising my knee and numerous other parts of my body I decided roller derby is not the thing for me but I did have a fantastic time . Riley was even going down the ramps on his stomach. Suz took lots of pics of my beautiful skating techniques..Speaking of Nic and Suz these two very talented scrapbookers have taken over Budget Scrapbooking the site is nearly up and running but the kits these two ladies are making are out of this world make sure you check it out. This weekend the kids are off to mum and dads for a sleepover so Craig and i are heading out to dinner and the movies it's been ages since we were kid free. I want to go see Bruno..We are also kid free in August as well we are of to the PINK concert I can't wait...This Saturday I also have a mother and child crop and I am jam packed the response has been overwhelming...Will leave you today with a couple of layouts and some photos of the 2 kidlets.


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