Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some Layouts

Frame and Tree by Kut it Out

People and Love Heart Stem by Kut it Out

Superman R and Big Brother Little Sister by Kut it Out
Inspired by Ali Edwards
People by Kut it Out

3 Bugs Spread your Wings (for Bumble Bee Crafts)

Here are some of my layouts still have lots more to photograph. I am off to Picture to Page this weekend some of my Stuff will be on display there make sure you call past Carol from Scrapaddix I'm sure you will find plenty of bargains, also Jane from Crafty Matters her ceramic embellishments are the best..

Monday, September 14, 2009


I am holding another lot of classes on Friday 25th if you are interested contact me at I am also holding a crop on Saturday 3rd October.

Lots on this week I have sick kids at home which is not helping, lot's of scrapping to do and picture 2 page this weekend if you are there call past and say hello to Carol from scrapaddix Will update with a heap of layouts leter in the week

Friday, September 11, 2009

On a roll today

I have finished yet another P!nk layout

I think I am just about at the end of my P!nk photos now onto Olivia's book character parade photo's. Had the best day today scrapping in the beautiful Melbourne weather 29 it got to.

P!nk layouts and Olivia's Parade

In other news Olivia had her book character dress-up day at school she wanted to go as Hannah Montana but I told her there would be 50 other girls dressed the same way and also she went as her last year. So on Sunday mum made her a Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz costume all I had to do was do the red shoes that turned into a drama was hot gluing the red sequins well they kept coming off so I rang up the fairy shop and they sold the shoes for $21.95 that saved me some time. The parade was a hit with all the kids and I managed to get some good pics

I have finally started scrapping the photos from the P!nk concert I brought some Tim Holtz circus stamps which I love and I have used them to death on these layouts. I have another on the go so will show that later on. I love how my double layout turned out and what even better no pattern paper was used in it. I picked up the feathers from spotlight they have heaps at the moment since the Spring racing carnival has started.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Where does the time go

Riley watching a baby Alpaca getting born
My little Super Hero and his Shadow Charlie
Riley being cheeky at Poppy's birthday
Riley loves Spiderman and Superman
Olivia went to the Footscray v's Essedon match with Kelsey and both of the dad's
Me with mum and dad on Fathers Day
Craig with his two children on fathers day
Mum and Dad with Olivia and Riley for Fathers Day and dad's birthday
Dad with the kids
Riley on a Train Ride at Myuna Farm looking at the geese
Riley with his best Friend Charlie who is 6 months old now we couldn't imagine our family without him
Riley holding a rabbit at the farm

I seem to be neglecting my blog a little have been busy and out of action.

* I have had some exciting news I did a layout awhile ago of Olivia dressed as Hannah Montana it's going to be on the Front Cover of Scrapbook Creations I hanging out to see it, I also had to do a few projects for the Who's Who of Scrapping

* I have been out of action had to have a wisdom tooth pull which caused me so much pain had to re-visit the dentist as the pain was getting not better after an x-ray and a look I know have ulcers in the hole and a slight crack in my jaw feeling alot better now though.

* I had a visit to Myuna Farm with Riley and his Fun Time group it was a really nice day Riley got zapped by an electric fence after a little hissy fit he was back to normal. When we were leaving the farm I noticed one of the alpaca's was giving birth so we pulled over and watch this beautiful baby alpaca get born.

* Have been scrapping a little but after having my wisdom tooth out I sort of lost the will a little. My new scrapping classes are going really well it's great to be able to teach a class were we don't have to buy anything (the girls are loving this as well) we all have so much stuff in our stashes and it's time to get rid of some of it.

* I am having another crop have had to change the date due to Grand Final weekend (we know the Saints are going to WIN) it's now on October the 3rd if you are interested contact me at

* Yesterday was Fathers Day we started off the day making egg and bacon muffins. Mum and Dad came for lunch were we had prawns and the salad and cold meat rolls followed by cheesecake with Cherry's yummo in the afternoon mum sewed Olivia a costume for her book parade at school she is going as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz (this will be a good photo opportunity) I sat there and scrapped. It was a great day not having to really do anything except relax.

* I have a busy week this week I have heaps of scrapping to catch up on ( I am hanging out to scrap my P!ink photo's you can check out some of my work on the Bumble Bee Crafts Blog I hope to get rid of all my deadlines etc.

* I went to my Primary school 30 year reunion the other weekend it's been 30 years since I was in preps and the sad thing is this is the last year of the school being open. I was able to catch up with my grade 4,5 and 6 teacher's and some of the kids now adults that I went to school with some of them I had not seen in 25 years I had a really good night the funny thing about it was the reunion was at the old Lasers nightclub this is were everyone in Keysborough went underage the only thing missing was the sticky carpets
Be back soon with some layouts


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