Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I sort of lost the will for scrapping there for a while with Riley starting preps me feeling lost sort of became a hermit I didn't realize Riley starting school would effect me so much.

I have come out of my rut and on the weekend I SCRAPPED got messy with lots of glitter and DM and made a canvas with the awesome Kut It Out Banners I did a Countdown to Christmas ( I know Christmas is ages away but sometimes it's good to be prepared and this project can take a while to complete) I loveeeee the FINISHED result and of course with Kut It Outs Christmas goodies and banners it made my project should also see there school range can't wait to scrap Riley's first day of preps... have lots of other Kut It Out ideas floating around in my head keep an eye out on here for more to come :)

The kids had there annual Easter Hat Parade and this year I was even more excited I was able to do a boy hat I continued on the theme from Riley's birthday we had a pirate hat that was covered in pirate fabric along with tuelle to look like a net with a treasure map, gold and silver coins and chocolate eggs...Olivia had lots of glitter eggs I made 2 hats for her one big one and a smaller one attached on top she said it was heavy on her head.

I'm taking Olivia to another concert with my neighbour Melina her daughter Kaitlyn we are off to see Miley Cyrus in June we had always promised Olivia if she ever came out we would go ( I honestly did not think she would tour guess I was wrong)

It's school holidays and today I'm having another scrapping day enjoying getting my mojo back the weather has been YUK so it's perfect for scrapping...

Still on my Zumba craze loving it have never felt so good who would have though exercise would be so much fun and loosing weight and zoning up is an added bonus

Will be back soon with some more scrapping

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