Sunday, August 14, 2011


Not much has been happening enjoying the piece and quiet...Yesterday was the first time I had even thought or contemplated doing some scrapping in a long time and I have to admit I enjoyed playing around again...I finally got around to doing Olivia's book parade photo's from 2009. Looking forward to scrapping some of my photos again.....and also starting Days of December 2012 I have seen lots of new Christmas papers that have been released in America

On the school holidays we went to Werribee Zoo we left there disappointed you pay your admission fee and that also gets you a ride on there safari buses to look at the animals if you want to pat or feed any other animals they charge $80 per adult and $65 per child....Why can't they be like AUSTRALIA ZOO we you pay a dearer admission but you can do more we fed the elephants at Aust Zoo and were not charged any extra

Came across this on our zoo tour Olivia had lots of questions

Very proud of Riley although we have had some issue's with him settling into school I was pleased when he got his second Fielder of the week..

Riley has now finished Aus Kick we get to sleep in on Sundays LOL...

Still doing my Zumba and have taken up 2 classes of Sh'bam it's been 1 year since I started Zumba and I got weighed during last week I have lost 10 kgs not bad going...Olivia pulled out a photo of me from Nov 2009 and I noticed a huge difference..

Until next time

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Sandra said...

Hi Cindy

Have missed seeing your beautiful work, hope everything is OK. If you have a new blog I can't find it. I started off scrap lifting your work when you were designing pages for SW'house in NW.


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