Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WOW time is definatly going by very quickly....and yes I am neglecting my blog.

Samples of my class on November 20th

WOW time is definatly going by very quickly....and yes I am neglecting my blog.

. The other week I had Part 1 of my Christmas Extravaganza I had 17 women doing the class and they were very excited about using the latest products from Kut It Out. It was great to see everyones finished layouts and cards..
On Friday 20th I am holding Christmas Extravaganza Part 2 if you are interested contact me at In this class you will be completing a double layout and making a couple of cards using some more exclusive products designed by the Kut It Out..

. The latest Scrapbook Creations is out and I am very lucky to be the Who's Who of Scrapbooking thanks to Bumble bee Crafts..I got my copy yesterday and was very excited to finally see it in print.. The fairy layout photo was from Nicole Finlayson Photography.

. Charlie our not so little puppy is now 8 months old and he is out big hairy fluff ball the kids love hime. We had a lady come and clip him the other week but I think we will have to do it again with the hotter weather.

. Olivia will be turning 9 in two weeks time were does the time go.

. If you live in the Berwick area St Catherines are having a market on Friday 13th and I will be there to help Karen from Kut It Out selling her beautiful mirrored acrylic, chipboard, acrylic and of course there Christmas stuff can check out some of there products the link is on the side. There website will be coming very soon.

. I have been busy scrapping I am in the middle of trying to get my Days Of December album started I did it last year and loved it. Will be having a cooking day at karens to make gingerbread houses yes I am determined to make one that doe's not fall apart this year.

. Last Saturday I had a garage sale at my best friend Jenni's house I did'nt have a great deal to sell except an old set of enclyclopidias from my childhood collected on supermarket coupons Jenni turned this into a running joke amongst our friends she claims they would not sell well I was determinded to sell them and YES I did only for $4.00 but who craes they are gone. I made nearly $90 for selling my crap Jen did really well. It was a really hot day but had great company..

. Riley went to his firts Moto GP at Phillip Island with his dad and now he is obsessed with Casey Stonner and Dr Rossie he has even got Craig to hang the posters in his bed.

I have posted photo's of Olivia with our fluff ball Charlie
Riley with his Casey Stonner and Dr Rossi poster
The 2 layouts from Christmas Extravaganza Part 1 ( if you are interested in the bauble kit page just email me I can arrange for one to get made for you)
I know I have heaps more but can't think at the moment will be back to share more soon

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