Friday, July 9, 2010


Well the school holidays are just about over and I have to admit I have loved them not having to rush around, sleeping in etc....We went and saw Toy Story 3 LOVED IT the best ever kids movie, Riley is loved Buzz. We also went skating in the holidays we do this every holidays the kids all love it and I even get out on my blades thankgod I had no accidents this time..In the first week I did lots of scrapping with Olivia she is now doing her QLD travel album I am so proud of what she has done...Craig took Olivia and her friend Kaitlyn to see Footscray v's Hawthorn on the the first Friday of the holidays...we are all of to the foot again in a few weeks. I had my Christmas in July Spectacular on Saturday the 3rd which was a huge sucess thanks to Karen from Kut It Out for sponsoring my classes Rebecca from kaazazz, Mel from Satmpin Up the girls loved having you all there..

On Sunday the 4th we were lucky enough to go to see the taping of the X-Factor OMG this was the best night we were 5 rows back from the stage Ronan Keating is better in the flesh and I don't see what the big fuss about Kyle is he was really nice talking to the audience etc..The girls all had a good time we brought them Black glitter hats which the judges noticed Ronan said the girls were cute and Natalie wanted to get them up on stage bummer it didn't happen....The warm up guy Dave even wore Kaitlyn's pink feather boa and glitter we just have to wait for it to come on T.V

Not much happened in the 2nd week had a lunch date with Karen and Mel...Karen made the best pizza's....Olivia had a friend over for a sleepover...

On Friday Olivia went to my mum and dads for a sleepover (2 nights) she loved going there as mum has taught her how to make patchwork quilts they are amazing and the funny thing Olivia's now has orders to make them and her knitted scarfs..Riley is going there today so we loose both kids for a night so we are going out to dinner and to the movies I'm looking forward to it your lives revolves around your children it's nice to spend time just the two of us....then on Sunday I'm off on my first ever visit to the Mornington Market...

Have been doing lots of scrapping in my travel album I'm loving how it all coming together...I also have a class next Friday July 16th so if you are interested contact me at

Will be back with some more of my travel album and pics from my Christmas in July Spectacular

Keep an eye out on the Kut It Out Blog heaps of new words, shapes and much more

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